Monday, November 01, 2010

Pumpkin Japanese Cotton Soft Cream Cheesecake

So, October came and so did Halloween.  From the homegrown pumpkins I cropped, my family carved them into Jack-O-Lanterns and a portion of it I made into puree for this cream cheesecake.
The recipe is the same one for the Japanese Cotton Soft Cream Cheesecake  or the Japanese Cream Cheesecake I posted on my blog site.  I added 1 Cup finely puree'd and sieved pumpkin.
For seasoning,  only 1/4 tsp of Ceylon "True" Cinnamon is added - just enough to enhance the pumpkin flavor.  I wanted to keep that wonderful fresh fragrance and taste of pumpkin.  I find the traditional pumpkin 'anything' seasoned way too much with cinnamon and spices - where it's original fresh pumpkin flavor is buried. 
I baked it in a small 8x8" square cake pan, and I plated it for fun.

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