Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kitchen Restaurant - my Restaurant Adventure

Here is my photo journal of my wonderful evening dinning experience at The Kitchen Restaurant, (Chef Randall Selland's, Sacramento, California.)  The six and half course menu for the month of November is wonderfully prepared and satisfied my food adventure curiosity.  As my visit was on the first opening night for the November menu, Chefs were as excited as guests were about the evening.  And ladies - the restaurant has thoughtfully installed a purse hook under the counter table.  That's a plus point.  Guests are all welcomed at the door by the Chef and the hostess. Soon after arrival of all guests, the Act I of VII begins.
From the time I was welcomed at the door to the seating, I felt that I am in for a special treat.  The assembly of the each dish is prepared right before my eyes.  This is a real treat.   Each dish satisfied all my basic enjoyment of celebration of food with my eyes, smell, touch, and taste... and audio.  Guests were engaged with the Chefs in food preparations and entertained at the same time.
This experience gave me another dimension to the definition of fine dining.   I was a bit skeptic about "course" meal outside of Asian style formal banquette that I am accustomed to in Asia, but after this one, I don't mind start venturing to try others.  I like The Kitchen's November menu because it is something that I would not want to prepare at home.  Service staff are courteous and attentive.  Amusingly I find this folded napkin on my setting each time I return to my seat -- whether I ventured off  to the kitchen to see what Sous Chef is doing or while I step away to ask Chef de Cuisine questions - I thought I dropped my napkin or forgot my manner, then, I saw service staff carefully and quietly and quickly doing just that to give that touch of care and fresh look and class for the fine dining.  I like that.  Many  visitors to my blog sites, as well as my friends have already experienced this type of fine dining and knew all about all these details.  But how about that, I am talking about it now and want to share that experience because I think it's worth sharing about a great restaurant that you can count on fresh ingredients, wonderful and interesting menu, and with great service.  And, I won't forget that 'fresh' herb tea service.  That was 'fantastic'.  I hope you will have a chance to visit The Kitchen and treat yourself, too.  Or try ELLA is what Chef Selland recommends.
(double click on the image to view better details.)
- November 2010 Dinner Menu at The Kitchen -
Presented by Chefs Nancy Zimmer, Randall Selland,and Chef de Cuisine Noah Zonca
First Course:
The Kitchen’s Pumpkin-Squash Bisque with
a Smoked Ham Soufflé, Crispy Lardo
and Toasted Chili Sabayon

Second Course:
A Salad of Maine Lobster, Fall Beans, Prosciutto, Walnuts, Pomegranate, Celery, Vanilla and an Oyster-Fresh Ricotta Crema

Sushi ~ Sashimi ~ Crudo

Third Course:
Thai Snapper and Foie Gras with Potato, Braised Fennel, Spinach, Thyme, Mushroom Emulsion and Crayfish Jus


Fourth Course:
Classic ‘Steak Frites’ with True Wagyu Ribeye, Sauce Bordelaise and Black Truffle

Fifth Course:
Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Tart and Selland’s Dream Bar

 And I can't wait to visit others.

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