Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The rest of the Progress - LOTUS-SEED GERMINATION

It is now Day 12 since the germination of the Lotus seeds from the Pink Lips.  Believe it or not, they germinate so quickly under the full sun that I now have all seven seeds in containers with mud and water.  Here is the photo journal.
========================= 6th to 12th Day ============================

=======================2nd, 5th , & 6th Day ===========================

=========================     Day 2       ====================================
SUCCESS!! It has germinated.
Day 2 photo journal of germination of Lotus seed - Pink Lips.
Decided to transfer all seeds into a clear cup so they can catch more sun light.
At 4:50 pm, I found a germinated seed!! I decided to take them outdoor and get the full sunlight to see if that will help them grow faster. Sure enough, Lotus seeds react to the sun quickly. In 1 hour, the germinated seeds' stem has pushed a bit more outward. In 2 hours, it has grown several millimeters.
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