Sunday, August 01, 2010


This is the photo journal of my lotus - Pink Lips. It's the largest lotus in my garden. I noticed some YOGA poses in these Lotus, and I had fun finding some of them. The Pink Lips blossom life lasts about 5 days.  It awakes in the morning and sleeps at dusk. It opens and stretches and its leaves open up like Radiant Warrior. I think this one website I found describes the symbolisms of the casualty of the spiritual life in "The Lotus Blossom" interestingly.
This PINK LIPS blossom story started in May 2010.
I hope you enjoy this break from the kitchen or work.
One early morning in May, right when I was ready for work, I decided to peek out the patio door to check on my garden.  There it is.  The first (2010) Pink LIPS has made it's appearance.
Remembering the first blossom after its first planting in the spring of 2009, I missed its 1st beautiful blossom appearance.  I knew it was going to bloom, but I didn't know when.  I left Friday night and by the time I returned on Sunday, the blossom is at it's peak.  Two more days later, it was gone.  The lotus has a incense like fragrance.  This year, I carefully scheduled and enjoyed its daily blossom and its farewell.
(Double click on image to enlarge image and to view notation of YOGA poses I found.)
NAMASTE. . . .I think it's time for my real YOGA practice.

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  1. These are gorgeous Polly! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome! I just love the vibrant amazing breath taking colors of the Lotus myself. :-)


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