Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lotus - Pink Lips' Seeds

Beside test cooking in my kitchen, I enjoy tending the garden. They help me relax and appreciate the day.
This is the Lotus from my largest Lotus Plants - Pink Lips that I have in my garden. It lives in a 3 feet deep water. The Lotus blossom and leaves rise 12" to 25" above the water surface.

I want test germinating this fresh seed to find out it's possible or not or it needs to form into hard shell before it could germinate.

Found water sipping into the 'cut' stem of the Lotus Pod.  Time to drain water out of the container below the cut stem.  I heard it can drown the lotus.
Posted by Picasa       PINK LIPS 2009 - 1st blossom.  The pod looks quite different from the 2010's.
2009 Pink Lips' pod - much smaller than 2010's.

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