Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Melon Rum Flavored Canneles

I thought I would try baking Canneles de Bordeaux using Melon flavor Rum.  But ... I should have stayed with the Dark Rum.  Tonight's testing was to bake test with melon flavor rum, and using silicon baking mold.   Even though I do not have a "silicone Canneles molds", I improvised the regular silicone baking mold to test.
The baking result:   The copper canneles molds are still the best.   The aluminum canneles molds did a good job.   The silicone baking mold did not caramelize the outer part of the Canneles as copper and aluminum molds did.  But, it turned out interesting, I think. 
Taste testing:   The Canneles baked in silicon mold's outer shell did not pass the Canneles' egg shell crunchiness.   Even after 1 hr 40 min of baking, the caramelization is not 100%.  The texture is chewy.

I made petite canneles rather than the usual demi size because I wanted to quickly bake and find out the result.

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