Saturday, July 09, 2016

BED BUGS!! - Do Not Ever Stay at Red Roof Inn at Southborough, Massachusetts

During my trip to Boston, I booked a hotel through  I thought checks all the hotel's cleanliness and their background before recommending at their site.  I was very wrong with this one.  At this Red Roof Inn in Southborough, outskirts of Boston where I stayed two weeks ago - it was a nightmare.  I should have known when the counter staff does not look professionally trained - don't stay there rule.  It was so late in the evening when we arrived in Boston, and after all - this is based on a review someone posted that it is a clean reliable motel.  BUT PLEASE Do Not Stay There - Room 208's bed is covered with Bed Bugs!!  Yak!!  I made sure the room is clean before we got in, but I failed to lift the mattress to check.  The room is clean, but oh my goodness. . . When I saw one little bug crossing the edge of the sheet, I smashed it, I didn't think about it.  Until 30 seconds later I thought, "what in the world is a bug crawling for?" And I flipped open the sheet, I saw blood markings on the sheet near the feet.  Then I saw another bug crawling out where the dead bug is!!! Oh, My Gosh!! it's the Bed Bug!!! I could not even get money back!! It's 2 am.  I waited through till the morning in the bathroom.  Luckily I  didn't put any stuff on the bed or had opened any of he luggages.  The only consolation the next day that was made up was a good lobster dinner at the Warf.

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