Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hershey Wonderland, Pennsylvania Adventure

I visited Hershey Wonderland, Pennsylvania during my Maryland trip.  It was a great experience to be so close to my favorite chocolate factory.  But like Willy Wonka story, the actual factory is closed to the public.  There is Hershey Museum on the main street - Hershey, that covers the entire story of how it all started.  

A chocolate sampling Cafe is in there, but for a price $10.  Since they mix chocolate with milk, and I am not sure if the milk is organic and non-GMO, lactose free, I did not dare try.  There is also the Hershey amusement park with high speed roller coasters right next to the Hershey Wonderland.   I liked Hershey Wonderland better. 
It's more engaging after a long drive.  Do take the Hershey's Wonderland's history ride.  It's free.  The ride is like Disney's cute ride going through the making of Chocolates.  You can also buy all kinds of Chocolates manufactured by Hershey.  Better have ice cooler with you in the Summer or suffer melted choca'River in the car.  My rental car's A/C was not cool enough.
What would have made this visit a memorable experience? Infuse the chocolate aroma here and there throughout the area.  I can't believe it that I did not smell a single time the aroma of good chocolate in the air.  I thought I would be showered with that aroma in the air.  Came back with bag full of melted chocolate that smelled better than the Wonderland.  I think Hershey's tour management better come up with 4-D experience for the tourists soon.

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