Sunday, July 10, 2016

Visiting Washington DC on Sunday

It was a good choice to visit Washington DC on Sunday.  You can find free parkings here and there on the street.  There is always the metro and underground train to take you and you can easily rent out this City Bikes that are stationed here and there, but if you got some foot mobility issue, then early Sunday morning is a good time to drive in.
At the Smithsonian Museum - Aviation section
I managed to park right at the corner block from Smithsonian. And as I came out, I purchased a ticket to ride on sightseeing hop-on hop-off tour bus.
I didn't realize till I start walking/hiking that State Capitol to Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial are all in the same field of sight.  It was really cool.  It took me three times longer for me to walk with my cane, but I did fine.   I wished I made it to the Lincoln Memorial though.
 This is really cool to be able to play ball in the field of sight of the Monument, I think.  People maybe so used to it, but I think it's inspiring.
 One memorial I wanted to see was the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, but it was already at the end of the bus schedule, so I only got the pass by rear view of the area.  They could have trimmed some of the trees... I could have caught a picture of it.
People riding Rental Bikes.
A Glimpse of the White House from the tour bus.
 Ah...the Seafood City!!! Awesome.. as our bus pass by it, I made note of the street names, and I made it back there.  Interesting place located passed under a freeway.
 The Capitol is still under renovation, but much improvement since I last seen it without the top back in 1993.
 Finished with bus tour, and I drove myself to the Seafood City.  Very interesting. I did what the locals did - parked right where they parked - right under the bypass....
 There are so much fresh seafood!!  I wished I had a kitchen right there to cook up a storm!
 So many different shrimps and prawns
 I thought a seafood restaurant is there, but there isn't one.  Everyone is buying seafood to take home to cook.  So I settled for the food to go - Steamed Spiced Shrimps, Clam Chowder, Crab Soup.
 Crab Soup
They all tasted so fresh and so good! 

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