Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boston Lobster Dinner at Legal Sea Foods at State St

The lobster dinner was our main goal in our visit to the Boston. And after all the long drive up from Maryland we got our wish.  What? The Maine lobster? that will be for the next trip.  It took us 8 hours from Maryland to outskirts of Boston. The route took us through Delaware, New Jersey,  New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut.  The side drive-by tour to Manhattan took us 2-1/2 hrs to get there, drive around, and get out.

It was a good idea that I returned to the airport auto rental to activate the Turnpike Toll's eZPass.  It's like Northern Calif's Fastrack.  After reading all the materials a night before the trip, I found out that their Turnpike system do not take cash.  It saved me a lot of time driving through the toll gates.  Every few miles along the Turnpike is a nice rest stop with food services.  Wow, Burger King is popular here, while it diminished greatly in California.   The Dunkin Donut is everywhere.  Starbuck definitely got their spot going at each rest stop.  MacDonald is popular toward Boston rest stops.  And they sell Lobster Roll on the menu.
Boston Duck Tour - Amphibian tour bus - starting point at Museum of Science.  It was a great idea because the museum has a large parking garage.  But the downside, the parking fee is a highway robbery.  It costed $38 after 2 hours.
 If my California's Space and Science museum membership had not expired, I could have gotten in Museum of Science free.
 The traffic jam is terrible during work / rush hours.
 Like that boots.
Signs, signs, everywhere throughout New England....more than you can finish reading within the time frame that you drive pass them.  Find a good place to park and take tour bus and metro, Uber, taxi, to get around, if you can.
 I wonder if anyone kept count of how many bricks have been manufactured or being used in the past to present.
 Hey! Fazio, Quack, quack...
 Samuel Adams
 into the lake we go.
 Boston from lake view.
Salt and Pepper bridge.
Suspension bridge.
 Interesting old buildings amongst new are everywhere.
 The original Boston pub.

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