Friday, May 27, 2016

Double Apricot Upsidedown Coffee Cake

This is my test coffeecake made from Fresh Organic Apricots and Organic Apricot Preserves.  It turned out quite good.
Prepare the stuffed apricots toward the end.  But know that you need them in the recipe.
Cut 9 large ripe but firm organic apricots into halves and remove seed.
Organic Apricot Preserves - Scoop a good teaspoonful of it to cover the Apricot halves.
3 Large Organic whole eggs - room temp - beaten with 1-1/4 C Organic Cane sugar until pale yellow and fluffy.
In a bowl, shift several times - 1-1/4 Cup organic Red Mill's Pastry flour with 1-1/2 tsp Baking Powder without aluminum; 1/4 tsp Kosher salt; 1/4 C Organic Cane Sugar; 1/2 tsp Ceylon True Cinnamon. Mix well.
Heat oven to 350'F.   Center Rack
MIX: Add 2 tsp Pure Vanilla extract to 1/4 C Organic Stremicks Heritage low fat milk room temp and 1/4 Cup Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil melted (solid in a jar), 1/2 Cup Daisy brand Sour Cream.   After mixing these together, Add to the dry ingredients and mix well.
Add half of the puffy beaten eggs into the flour mixture.  Making sure that there are no flour lumps left.
Fold in the rest of the beaten eggs.
Pour into brownie mold over the parchment paper.
Prepare filled Apricots.
Place each halves faced down into the batter - lined up or in any pattern you want.   They are going to Sink eventually.
Bake till the tester come out clean.   Around 30 minutes, check the color of the cake.  If it is still too soft at the top - wiggly, bake 8 minutes longer.  If the cake is still soft at the top and tester still look moist at the top but browning at the edges, lower the temperature to 300'F.   Your Apricot should be fuming out at the top here and there.
I can't remember how long I baked since I didn't set the timer on, but I think the whole thing took 35 to 45 minutes?   I was doing a visual checking every 5 minutes after 30 minutes.

Happy Baking!

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