Thursday, September 01, 2011

Zong-Tze - Summer Memory

My family enjoy some of the traditional Chinese festival meals and snacks  - New Year dinner, Hot-Pots, and in lunar month of July - the  Zong-Tze.   I am not 100% of the correct spelling in English, but it's one of our favorites.   Every country has its own version of this Zong-Tze.  Mexican, Viet-Namese, Hawaiian, etc, they got their special rice dish wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves, bamboo leaves enclosing flavorfully marinated pork, chicken, beef, peanuts, etc, etc,  and steamed or boiled or BBQ'd.   However the cooking methods maybe, it is always fun making them together with family  and passing on the tradition.

Catch the video How To at this blog or visit YouTube:

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