Friday, September 30, 2011

RADISH-SUBIEN & Family Lunch

One of the family fun activity is definitely cooking together.    We were learning the SUBIEN - equivalent to French Puff Pastry in Chinese method.    The "YOE SUE" (like the butter block) is made with Olive Oil mixed with flour.    Then it is enclosed in the dough.  Rolled and filled and baked.
The filling is made with shredded Japanese DAIKON - white radish and some chopped green onions.    Thought it would taste bitter, but cutting out the liquid from the shredded DAIKON really worked out to be the technique to remember.    The flaky pastry made with olive oil covered with plenty of sesame seeds is just so much fun to bite into.    Make you really feel that this is a very special pastry, and psychologically make your taste buds look for the best.
And our lunch is just filled with all sorts of vegetable and meat dish - home style, and it was a great fun day.


 Bake for 20 minutes, and there they are!
Now it's time for our lunch.

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