Friday, September 30, 2011


I learned all about this tiny "Dim Sum" like Spanish and Portuguese's TAPAS.    They are all the favorite snacks and  flavorful dishes on skewers and small plates.  It reminded me of South Viet-Nam a bit.  As you are seated in a cafe, a plateful of small pastries are served, etc....
So, I tried making tapas for myself with whatever I have in the refrigerator.     I have hard boiled eggs, home baked Ciabatta, home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, and I got hold of the Prosciutto di Parma from the Corti Brothers Market.    Thank goodness, I met a Italian woman at the deli section, and she was purchasing the prosciutto.    She told me Parma' prosciutto is better because it is less salty.    I purchased 1/4 lb of it.     Wow! $28.99/lb.    But only a slice is enough for my tapas.

I love the toasted Ciabatta bread slice deeply flavored with the fresh tomatoes.    The tomato juice permeated every bread crumbs and softened it for a great bite.   The saltiness from the prosciutto complemented the hard boiled egg sprinkles with Hungarian paprika.   Top it off with anything I can find in the refrigerator - Provolone cheese slice, tomato slice, fresh basil leaves (from my garden).      I enjoyed every bite of it.     I hope you will try making your own tapas - in place of that bag of chips?

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