Friday, September 30, 2011

Coconut Pandan Thai Sweet Rice with Mango and Golden Raisin

My sons love this sweet rice mixed with coconut cream and mango.    I first tasted at our family gathering for mother's birthday party at the Thai restaurant.    The rice is soft and coated with white milk of coconuts.    Every rice tasted so delicious and melted in the mouth.  Then, when I bit into the mango, the sweet and tart mango juice finalized the palates to rest it from the wonderful spicy Thai meal.    When I went to shop for my PANDAN leaves at the SF Market, I came across two bags of rice.    One is the Thailand's three ladies Jasmine rice.  As I need to refill my pantry, I got a bag.    Then, while looking for the sweet rice to make Chinese Zong-Tze, I found this Thailand sweet rice.
     I  don't need 25 lb of it, but after calculating the price of regular 5 lb bag BOTAN brand sweet rice, this one cheaper... but is it any good?    I found a reason to make the Coconut sweet rice dessert.    The Thailand sweet rice looks like a normal 'long grain' rice.    It does not have the same appearance of  large 'white' endosperm part  like the regular sweet rice.    I was bit hesitant to use it.    I pressed on, anyways.    However, I decided to use the Risotto method to cook the rice, so I can see the progress of its 'stickiness' or the 'gluten' forming as they cook.    I also found this carton of Silk's PureCoconut at the Raley's organic food section.    I thought, "how convenient"... likely fresher than the 'canned' version of the coconut milk.    I drank it, and tasted quite good.    But feel 'fattening' - psychological or what?  I don't know.    I feel like I've gained 2 lbs after a glass of it.
  Irregardless, in a saucepan I sauted the washed sweet rice that has been soaked for an hour and drained well and pat dried = 3 C in 3 TB of butter.    After a minute or so, I started to add the coconut milk  1/4 to 1/3 cup at a time.    Add a cube of frozen Pandan juice just enough to give that Pandan flavor.      Stirring continuously.    As the liquid is absorbed by the rice, I added more.    Repeated this till some of the rice are 75% cooked/softened.    Then, stirred in 2/3 cup of water, added golden raisins, stirred, cover the saucepan with lid.    Cooked in low heat until done - about 7 min. (* time may vary with your type of stove.)
Remove from the heat.  Set Aside Covered.    Cut a firm mango - I like to use firm large green mango - dice it and mixed into the rice.  Cover and let it sit for a moment.    Serve.

 The next day, I took it to work as my lunch.    Reheated it a bit in the microwave, and ... it was a very filling lunch.

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