Friday, September 30, 2011

Croissants My Way #2

My next testing with the croissants technique is learned from Chef Pino Ficara.     I noticed his dough mixing is very simple, yet the final croissants are with  "mille feuteuille".  I am quite impressed with the flattening of the dough and butter compared to the general 'butter block' method that I've seen, learned, and tested myself.  I love the repetitive pounding of the dough vs direct roll of the dough and butter, etc.   I was concerned with the gluten development of the mixed dough with his method.  To my surprise, the break and tearing was minimal during the rolling and stretching.  The stretching is quite important to the finishing croissant that most experienced pastry chef could finish with 9 layers.   I learned about this technique in Baking with Julia Child's cookbook and from Alice Water's Tartine Bakery cookbook recipe, and from Pino Ficara as well.
I filled my croissant again with a dab of homemade almond paste, so I can eat it in a hurry without additional jam or jelly that I like.  My grandchildren love the ones without the filling.  Quite normal for the youngsters.
*The dough is bit softer than the other recipe due to less gluten development for less kneading required.

 Love the successful mille feuteuille de croissants - mission accomplished.

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