Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pilaf and Risotto

You have probably seen it and tasted the Pilaf and Risotto.  I've seen it and heard it and never paid attention or have the desire to taste it until just recently.  A bit of exposure in my culinary adventure have exposed me to many - I mean many possibilities that I can add to my diet and health.   I've watched some food challenger's shows and heard judges commenting on the challenger's Risotto, for example, and complaining how terrible it is, etc.  I was wondering what in the world is that? soupy sticky or fluffy rice with grated cheese?...... Now, they are part of my take-to-work OBENTO.  No more plain carbohydrate - white rice.  They are prepared with varieties of grains.  To start with these two are my results.  I hope you have fun trying something new with grains in your diet, too.
Barley Pilaf  - a bit soupy, maybe, but  I love the bite-in texture of barley with flavorful taste added from the homemade chicken stock I used.
Arborio Milanese.  While I added very little of grated Parmesano, it tasted plenty with a tablespoon of it.  & I will use white pepper the next time.

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