Sunday, June 12, 2011

Boeuf Bourguignon - Bouchon

I have been waiting for a quiet day to try this Boeuf Bourguignon for quite a long time.  I have my personal recipe to make beef stew, but when I heard about the boeuf bourguuignon in the culinary world, I wanted to try their recipe.  But the list of ingredients and long procedures have been quite intimidating.  Luckily with the instructional cooking broadcasting of Julia Child and Jacques Pepin by local KQED or KVIE2 channel, my courage is boosted slowly to try it.   Why not try and eat something new?  Just for the sake in trying my hands on pouring the mysterious liquid (as I am not a wine drinker)  - a whole bottle of it - into the seared beef is a wonder that I want to try.  I wanted to experience the happy face that Julia express every time she pours some of that magic liquid into most of her dish.  This particular recipe is from BOUCHON cookbook by Chef Thomas Keller.  It was two days in the preparation and served on the 4th day.   I wished I had the short ribs to prepare it, but I only had the stew beef.  The result of taste really rested on the cuts of the beef used.   The next time for 'this' type of involved recipe, and as I am an inexperienced with this particular recipe, it's best to use the exact cuts of beef, I told myself. 

Ingredients & preparing for the red win reduction.       And making my own stock.
 Adding an entire bottle of cabernet sauvignon and reduce to 'a sec'.
 Searing Stew Beef--should use more fattier cut  'my mother commented.'

 Great technique to enable braise beef to tender and keep impurities from attaching to the beef when done - envelope them in cheesecloth.

 Make the Parchment Lid with steam hole and cover with lid.
 Ready for braising in the oven - mine took 4 hours.
 After 4 hours.
 Lift and transfer the beef out - check out all the impurities that are stuck to the cheesecloth.
 Fork Tender!
 Strain and discard the vegetables.  Strain the braising liquid twice through a fine strainer. 
 Skim the fat off.  "Strain the liquid over the beef.  Let it cool, then, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 day or up to 3 days." (Ref: Bouchon cookboon, p 215)

And of course, there is Garnish cooked individually for Potatoes, Carrots, Bacon and Mushrooms, and Pearl Onions. 
Unfortunately my taste buds got so messed up from the oral surgery I had on the 4th day of the making, I could not officially taste the final product.  I know that the beef is fork tender, but what about the final taste?  My guests says, "Good".  My mother says, "It should have more fat and ..."  As she is an excellent cook, and I respect her judgement.  I will try it the next time with beef cut with bit more fat - the short ribs as stated in the Bouchon cookbook.  Let's see how it will turn out when I try Julia's Boeuf Bourguinon.  I hope I can say, "Bon Appetite!", then, myself.

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