Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ho! Ho! HO! and Great Cheers! and a Greetings.
So, it's more fun time in the kitchen with Grand-kids.  More wishes and ideas cute cakes and cookies.  Here is from Good Ole' Japan's DAIFUKU MOCHI.  What else can this wonderful be presented other than by itself? hmm... and I came up with the Snowman!  Didn't know what to use to decorate it at first and even went a mile off to shop for gumdrops and so forth, but end up with Hershey's Kiss and Life Saver's Gummy Sours.
So follow the regular recipe for the DAIFUKU MOCHI in my blog, except that I used the powder form of DANGO powder that I found.  Much cheaper than the SHIRATAMAKO.
Have fun!
(Click on image for more details)

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