Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kim-Chi Hot Pot

What a way to warm up after the dreadful Black Friday shopping craze.   This is something new to our family - Kim-Chi Hot Pot.  As hesitant and doubtful we were and dreaded the 'red' sea soup - thinking that it may be terribly 'spicy hot' as 3/4 jar of the Kim-Chi were added to the hot pot - Interestingly the hot pot was not "spicy hot" as we thought.    It was a great treat.  Kim-Chi did not drown out the flavor of other ingredients.  Amazingly it brought out the flavor of each ingredients we added - various mushrooms, tofu, napa, pork, scallions, even UDON at the end.  The vinegar from the Kim-Chi has worked a wonderful magic in this hot pot.
Hot Pot - Japanese style SUKIYAKI / SHABUSHABU hot pot with lid.

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