Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Making Delicious Lime Flavored Dehydrated Persimmons - HOSHI KAKI

 After trying a several different ingredients to bring out home grown persimmons' flavor making them into this and that, adding lime juice or lemon juice with a bit of sugar bring out the best taste of KAKI.
Squeeze 2 lemons, Dissolve 1 Tbsp Sugar.  Sprinkle some Fruit Fresh.
Toss them well.
Optional:  Add ground Cayenne Pepper or dried chili pepper
Prepare Dehydrator.
For 20 - 25 persimmons, I use 8 dehydrator trays.  Have two fruit roll up trays handy for the extra soft KAKI.
Core and peel KAKI that started to give in a bit.  I keep the crispy one to be eaten fresh.
Cut into halves and remove the seeds.
Place on each tray and dry until they are dry, chewy, but not crispy. 

After removing the copy, peel the skin, Slice into halves and remove seeds.  
Toss in the bowl with Lime juice mixed with sugar and sprinkle a bit with Fruit Fresh powder.
Slicing a KAKI into 4 slices produced 'bark' feel KAKI.  Slicing into halves is more satisfying.
For me without the gallbladder, KAKI helps me regulates "control" digestive system.

Between lemon and lime, I prefer Lime.  The added sugar helps the lime or lemon juice to stick to the KAKI better during dehydration.
Slicing the KAKI into halves result in better chewy dried KAKI then 4 slice KAKI that would result in somewhat like a bark.

Store in sanitized Mason Jars.

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