Sunday, December 20, 2020

Drinking Fresh Coconut Juice and Making Coconut Cream

 Nothing can really bit the real taste of a fresh coconut juice.  I tried those canned coconut juice, and I gagged at the taste.  I don't know what they add to it, but it just not the same.  I just want to share how I open it up with the serrated knife and a hammer.  If the coconut is truly 'young', I know it can be opened without the hammer.  A quick slice with a machete is how the street vendor do it in Viet-Nam.  

Shave off as much husk off at the top with a serrate knife.
Place the coconut in a clean plastic bag.  If the hammer is to hard, the juice will leak out and it can be caught in the bag.
A good wack at the coconut shell.  *A young coconut does not really have a hard brown shell, it has a soft membrane like shell.

Place a glass on top of the cracked shell and revert the coconut to disperse the juice.

Widen the cracked shell and scoop out the coconut meat.
You can eat them or process it in NutriBullet.  As the coconut gets older, the meat is more thicker and tougher.

Place a small strainer in the cup over the cracked coconut shell before reverting it will help filter the husk, etc. or you can filter it after you transferred the juice into a g

Making coconut cream

Be sure to remove the NutriBullet's blade housing's washer/rubber seal and clean underneath before storing after each use.


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