Saturday, July 11, 2020

Making TSA XIAO Meat - Grilled Pork

I wanted to try making CHAR SIU Bao at home.  But I don't like the CHAR SIU meat they make because of the added food color.  When I found the pork shoulder meat at COSTCO, I thought, I would give it a try. Here is the photo journal of the process.
I marinated the pork shoulder meat in brown sugar, soy sauce, Tonkatsu sauce, wine, and some salt.

Making the TSA XIAO Roux.
Stir fry the vegetables you want to add, if any.  These are chopped onions and bell peppers.
Chopped TSA XIAO meat
Combine Soy Sauce and Chinese Five Spices, salt, and  black pepper.
Potato starch roux.
Bring the mix to boil.
Add the potato starch roux.  Stir to cook until it becomes thick.
It is ready when roux turns transparent.
Add roux to meat and vegetable.  Combine and let cool.  It is now ready to fill the BAO dough.