Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Polly's Lotus - Pink Lips 2014 Update

If you are interested in growing Lotus Plant, I recommend Pink Lips.   It has survived the last four years, and still growing.   Last year's seedlings have grown up also, and I am waiting for it to wake up.
This morning, I caught it greeting the sunrise and slowly releasing its fragrance to make known of its presence.

The seedlings growing up from 2013 Pink Lips.  The container is half the height of the Mother's above.  Hope it will grow a beautiful princess.

July 1, 2014 morning.  Hello, World!
The true color is in the photo below using "Daylight" Setting.    'Flourescent" and "Tungsten" seem to have over emphasized the Pink/Purplish color.    But still Beautiful either way.

Using Camera's  'Daylight' setting.... I think it's more true to its color.
If you have Lotus Plants, please cut open the Seed Pod as soon as they are mature and Germinate them.   Don't wait till the seed is dry and brown.  The outer shell can turn into an extremely rock hard armor to protect it for...  500 years!!

Not sure if the vendor is still in business, but this is some of the information they gave me about this PINK LIPS Lotus.

"We will certainly get a "Pink Lips" to you in a few weeks when we can 
be sure that it will arrive without freezing. This variety is a brand 
new hybrid developed by our friend, Dr. Daike Tian, while he was a 
graduate student at Auburn University. I wanted to check and make sure 
that you realized how big it gets. It will need a large, deep pot 
(about 48" in diameter and 3-4 feet in depth) because it is a large 
lotus. It will probably be between 6-8 feet tall. Does this still 
sound good?"

Because I planted Pink Lips in the Rubbermaid brand Trash Container as a planter, it managed to survive and grew up to 4 feet and reincarnate itself every year after a peaceful dormant winter period.     If the planter is very shallow the lotus could suffer in the winter from frost, rot, and die -- like my CHAWAN BASU and Pink Lady in the shallower planter.

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