Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polly's RAMEN Adventure

In the South Bay area, I found an increasing numbers of RAMEN hang outs.  Over 39 of them!!  To be  considered a Great RAMEN shop, the proof is when the customer empties the entire soup from the bowl in Japan.  I remember my father did that to one of the noodle he ordered in SF Japan Town.  We were very surprised.  He gave a thumb up.   Well, my sister and I have ventured to a few of the RAMEN-YA-SAN, and we found a couple that are great. I love the RAMEN at the KOTESU in Santa Clara, if I have not yet mentioned in my blog.  And KATANAYA in SF.

  But I think my home cooked ones are just interesting and great.


I made the soup from boiling dried KOBU and shaved BONITA together.
Then add Soy Sauce and some sesame oil.  I will give the details later for the ingredients.  I am kind of tired from sitting in front of the computer.  I only got enough patience to post the pictures first.
Normally for the homemaker, the RAMEN soup can be quickly made from dissolving BONITA granules in boiling water.  But I am tired of the MSG.   I got to be in control of what goes in my tummy.  That's the reason of the fuss in cooking from a scratch.
Where is my recipe copy go?   I don't know... so... I will post it later.
But you can tell from the pictures that you need a lot of fresh green onions - well rinsed under running water.   The KOBU (dried sea kelp) comes in pre-cut in Spaghetti form or as a large leaf.  Cut or shredd to the size that's handy for you.
 Place dried Bonita into a sache bag.  Bring water to boil and add KOBU.  Turn down the heat to simmer.  Add the bag of Bonita you prepared.   Simmer for 15 min with pot partially covered with lid ( to keep liquid from evaporating more than you wish.).  Discard the bag of Bonita after squeezing the liquid out.   There are other use for it, but that's a different subject.
(Raw RAMEN noodle)
 In a large bowl, you can put sesame oil and Japanese chili spice first, if you prefer. Or put it later.

In a large RAMEN / Noodle bowl - Add the cooked RAMEN Noodle.  Cover it with piping hot Soup.
Garnish with some cut up KOBU and Plenty of chopped Green Onions.

Drizzle a bit of sesame oil, if you like, but becareful not to pour the sesame oil.  Only a few drop of good genuine sesame oil  is needed to enhance flavor.  Some of the RAMEN does not include sesame oil.
Sprinkle with chili mix powder, if you like.   Serve also with boiled eggs. 
Green onions can be chopped and kept in freezer bag.
This RAMEN is topped with rehydrated and cooked SHIITAKE. SHIITAKE and CHIKUWA (fish cake) are cooked together in the Soup.  Garnish with dry seaweed - NORI - use scissors to slice them.
This one got NARUTO (fish cake with pink swirl), hardboiled egg, NEGI (green onion), KAMABOKO (fish cake), roast beef luncheon meet slice.
My wanna be Spicy Beef RAMEN inspired by KATANAYA's 

Wow, I am getting hungry.   Until I find where I placed my recipe.  This is it for now.
Have fun in your summer adventure in the home cooking with your family.

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