Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Polly's Summer Break at Yosemite National Park, California

It has been a challenge since my knee injury.  But finally I am getting better enough to go hiking.   My first attempt in hiking up Upper Yosemite Fall  - 3.4 miles.   I know I have to have enough time up and come down safely.  Since I arrived there on 7/5th late and started my hike around 2:30 pm, my first hike was short 2 hours total.   But found the first view point.  I decided to return to hike higher the next day, 7/6th.

Many travellers on their way back home.   And, I am just now going.
 Fire from the Natural Mother Nature.   But I've seen a "lazy and irresponsible cigarette smoker" flicking out a butt out of the car window and started a fire.  Luckily it was not in the Yosemite park, another car and myself stopped to put the small fire out on the side of the road.

Picture of the Half Dome from one of the Village campsite's parking lot.
 Lower Yosemite Fall - Just enough water ...

 The trail starts from Camp 4 site.
 Well built hike trails

 This is the beginning of the 2nd switchback to the higher point.
 Time to leave and return.

 I hiked to the next switchback to the Upper fall.... still fall short.   Hiked 4 hrs total.  I arrived still too late at 1 pm.  But knowing how and where the 2nd trail is, I was determined to return on Saturday, 7/12th.   I arrived there at 11:30 am.  Not bad, but I know I will suffer as it was a hot day at the Yosemite. 
I pressed on and finally made it.    I made it to the Upper Yosemite Fall in 2-1/2 hrs. Total of 5 hours of hiking.  The view is beautiful up there.

Nice stream of cold water flowing out of the rock.  Making this area cool and interesting, but walk fast!  Mosquitoes awaits.

 Made it as far as I can the 2nd time on 7/6th, but it's getting late.  Need to turn around to get back to the valley.
 It was a muggy hot day with plenty of cloud.  Sprinkled a bit randomly in the area.
Thanks to all the volunteers to made the trail so accessible.  They put a lot of work to the building of this trail.
( Used slow speed of the camera to catch the water fall.)
 Until next time, it is time to hike down.

My next goal is to hike all the way to the top and 4 miles longer to the west to the El Capitan.   I hope I will make it there.
 Comparison of the Yosemite Fall in 2013 and 2014.  Due to lack of rain and snow, we are back to 15 years ago.  Dry valley.
 I saw many tourist young and old hiking up the trail.  Some carried no bottled water at all or back pack.  Be aware of the Sierra weather and always carry 2 quarts of water for this hike to the Upper Yosemite Fall.   Bring with you extra clothing in case of inclement weather when hiking east side of the trail that is much more windy.   Spray your clothing lightly with bug spray.  There will be mosquitoes to greet you as you get closer to water source.  Be courteous and take out what you take up and don't litter.   Form a single file when hiking up or down with multiple people in your group when passing others by; and greet each other.  The purpose of the greeting is not only just to be friendly, but also to check the condition of the other hikers.  I like to use my hiking walking sticks.  It relieves my knees from pressure when going down the trails.

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