Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Store Bought Pastry Adventure

Some time ago, I went to visit one of the favorite bakeries in Santa Clara called Souza Bakery.  While I was working at Underwriters Laboratory, I bought pastries for dessert many a times.  This time, I was hoping to find the Ponchik one of the blogger mentioned.  To my surprise, the Souza Bakery is sold and now called the Copenhagen Crown Bakery & Deli.   I started to look around the display cases and saw many different types of pastries and couldn't walk away without buying some.  So, here is my photo journal of chocolate mousse bonbon and giant croissants, custard filled flaky pastry which I don't recall the name of but I have been back twice since then to buy some more of it.

 Is this? and could it be the Ponchik?  But ... Oh, My! the layers and layers of flaky pastry and that custard is awesome!!

 Overall, I am very impressed with their Flaky pastries.  But I prefer my homemade croissants the best  :-)

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