Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Tamales

Making Tamales has been one of the goal in my list of goodies to make for the Holidays, and here it is.  Pork Tamales and my testing with blueberries and cheddar cheese.     I am so glad my grand-children and family enjoyed them well.
Most of the recipes were following the direction on the MASA (corn meal) package.
 Tamales sauce was pre-made many months ago, and kept frozen in mason jar in the freezer.  Defrost it and add to the slow cooker.   Quarter 2lb pork tenderloins lengthwise and sear them all around.  Transfer to the crocker pot with tamale sauce.   Slow cook it over night.    Turn off and cool as quickly as possible.    Shred the pork apart.     Refrigerate in a container overnight or until ready to roll.

 Wash and sanitize the sink.    Add hot water and soak and wash and rinse the corn husks, at least 2 times.  Discard any corn husks with sign of mold as well as other pieces on top or bottom of the molded piece.

 Follow the instruction on the MASA mix to make masa mixture.
 Add more liquid - water or stock to make sticky mush rather than 'dough'.

 The picture here shows the masa spreaded on the husk, but i found out that spreading the masa 3/4 way to the top would be better than what I did, so that when I fold the pointing side to the wider side, the masa spreaded on the pointy side of the husk would cover/enclose the goodies in the middle of the masa.  Otherwise, I ended up tediously having to add extra masa mixture on the top to enclose the goodies.
 For my grand-daughter - blueberries. 
 Test steaming two first for the taste.

 Test steaming the best way -
 The steamed masa slided toward the bottom when steamed vertically.  So, the best way is to steam flat in my steamer - overlapping each other.

 Made Shrimp Tamales with lime juice, too.

 After a few hours, 57 tamales to share with everyone.
Next time, I am hoping to do this again with the family together.  It will get done much faster.

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