Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Salted Lemons and Limes

Ever since I learned to include salted lemons in the Mediterranean style cooking, the salted lemons recipe has joined my 'favorite' recipes. 
This year with abundance of home grown limes, I preserved some limes also.

 After removing the seeds from each cut limes and lemons, stuff each wedges with sea salt mixture.
 Pack the sanitized mason jar tightly and pack with the rest of the sea salt mixture.

Clean the rim of jar very well, and cover with mason jar lid tightly. 
Label with Date and Content info.
Take advantage of the cold weather and store in garage if you do not have room in your pantry or have a cool dark place to store. Shake the jar a bit to help with settling every 2 weeks.  Ready for use after 2 months.
The followings are Salted Lemons made from homegrown lemons.

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