Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Melons Confit et Oranges Confit - Candied Melons and Oranges

In preparation to make Calisson (Calisson d'AIX wannabe), I started by making the melons confit.   While I do not have the same type of melons from Cavaillon, France, and with Cantaloupes in quarantine, this summer, I ventured to make the melons confit with honey dew and some watermelon rinds.   The formula is 2-1/4 lb of melons to 1 kilos or 5 Cups of sugar.



 Crystallization forming

Candied Clementines - "Oranges Confit".    I have never made these candied fruits before.    While doing the research at some of the French websites related to Calisson d'AIX, oranges confit or fruite confit of Apt, France has given me inspiration to try them at home.    These do not look anything like the ones made so beautifully in Apt, France, but I will keep trying, and maybe one day they will look just as good.    But for my purpose to to make the Calisson d'Aix wannabe, these candied oranges and melons .... I think will work out fine.   

Remove from the syrup and air dry on a wire rack for a few days.  If you want to crystallize the sugar, repeat the heating process each day for 3 days by heating the syrup to quick boil for 1 minutes with the clementines in it.     Remove and air dry, and repeat.  Dry for a couple of weeks, then, store in a sterilized Mason jar.
I also made the candied orange peels from the navel orange peels without the pith.

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