Sunday, November 13, 2011


It is so much fun to watch everyone's facial expression when they spot their favorite childhood junk food being served at the party.   It does not need any introduction.    It is like an invisible phenomena, their body just automatically and quietly like an invisible man make its way to the dish.    For my family member's birthday party, I made a bunch of MITARASHI YAKI DANGO.   I thought I made enough of them to serve 3 sticks per person, 3 balls per stick, but I was two short.   But it all worked out at the end. 
I used 1 Tb cookie scoop to control the portion size.

 Add the potato starch slurry into the MITARASHI syrup.   Stir continuously and gently until Very thick syrup forms.

 Coat the DANGO that has been slightly Grilled - I grilled them on the teflon pan at medium low heat.   
For the recipe - how to make this DANGO and which rice flour to use, please go to:

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