Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Polly's Piggy Scallops

Sometimes, the worst time to cook is when you are soooo hungry.    Your mind wants to do short cut in every way to get that food into the mouth.    I tried to come up with a way to make my Piggy Scallops.   Well, I didn't think and couldn't wait.   After wrapping my scallops with bacon, I started to sear it in the saute pan.   That didn't work out quite well with the bacon.   It was not getting crispy.   Normally, we bake the Piggy Scallops.   The bacon will brown quite nicely in the oven cooking.   But what if you wanted to use the saute pan?    Well, I had to unwrap the bacons off the scallops.   Then, grilled them in the George Foreman's hamburger maker.    Crisp it up and get rid of some of the extra fat, and rewrap them around the scallops.   The great seafood flavor - UMAMI of the scallops were pleasantly enveloped in the blanket of piggy without the need for additional seasoning. 

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