Monday, January 16, 2023


 This is merely my personal opinion after trying three different types of Air Fryer.  I was hoping to get one that would be part of my daily appliance to use.  But after all I decided that Instant Pot 6 qt with air fryer is even an over kill.  If the Sur La Table brand Air Fryer came with the stainless steel or aluminum bottom tray, it would have been a winner.  I had to return it just because it emitted nasty teflon fume during air frying.  I could have easily replaced my counter-top (mini) Oster toaster convection oven or the double door Oster convection - both has not live up to the standard of "convection" baking that it claimed. 
Option of using a rotating basket or non-stick basket.  and the bottom tray is non-stick also.
Too bad, I couldn't eat the French fries regardless because the bottom tray emitted the terrible odor and transferred the smell to the food.
The Instant Pot Air Fryer is bulky.  The inner baskets should have been Teflon on Non-Stick Free.  I just don't use them, and use the Instant Pot for other cooking - Pressure cooker. 
The Sweet Potato fries turned out with the nasty non-stick plastic smell also. 
 When I try other methods of Air Frying, I lay the cut French Fries on a sheet pan drizzled with some oil and place them on parchment paper over copper air fryer pan, the results has been very satisfactory than the "Air Fryer" oven.  Even in a gas Oven, baking the French fries over the oiled parchment paper on a baking sheet have been satisfactory.  At this point I kept the Instant Pot for other features - Pressure cooking, even though I dislike it's non-stick coated air fry basket.

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