Monday, January 16, 2023


There are many baguette formulas that we come across on the web or in YouTube.  Many claims that they had a great success.  I only know that it maybe true for them in their well temped kitchen or with tools they have.  I've had a few good results in making the baguettes, and I am sure when others try the my formula or method, it might ends with a different result.  But that's the fun adventure of it all.   I like the ones that I make my own preferment and the baguette turns out great.  There are times, even a careful followings would not turn out the same.  I only know that this formula and methods of proofing and kneading turn out great.  It will be nice if I can consistently produce it, but that the FUN Adventure in my RockDaVinci kitchen.

The YouTube website I followed is from "How to make Amazing French Baguettes at home" by Ethan Chlebowski. 

Please visit the video for the ingredients and enjoy!

Here is my photo journal of it:  

His Stretch and Folds every 30 minutes or so is a technique to mature the dough. 
4 folds per set, 4 sets total; 25 to 30 minutes rest between sets.
The stretching and folding is an important technique to allow open crumb, and it is fun to stretch and fold them.
I find it challenging to score each baguette at 45 degree angle without tearing the dough.

The crust is bubbly and light.  I had a great time enjoying the handy work.  Delicious!

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