Sunday, July 18, 2021

Homemade Organic Soy Bean Milk

Homemade organic soy bean milk is very simple to make.   All you need is a cup of Organic soybean milk.  Why organic?  I heard that soybean is one of the crop beside Corn that is heavily pesticided.   And I rarely eat restaurant's EDAMAME served as free appetizer because of it, unless it is organic, 
Wash 1 cup of organic soybean.  Hydrate soybean in clean water overnight or few hours.  The soybean should be doubled in size and its skin is easily removed when rubbed between fingers.
Drain a few times with filtered water.
Add into NutriBullet processor and with enough water.  Beat till you can visually see that beans are well blended into slur like. 1 to 2 min.  Put them through Sieve or beverage strainer pocket over a tall pot.   Depending on your preference, add 2 to 3 times more clean filtered water   Bring to boil.  Do not leave the kitchen - be careful - do not let it spill over.  Bring heat to simmer.  Place a lid loosely and cook for 15 minutes.  Serve hot - Add sugar or server savory.  Serve with Chinese Yeou Tiao - fried breakfast donuts sticks, Sao Bien (Shaobing) - baked flatbread covered wtih sesame seeds filled with braised meat and or with green onion, or serve chill as beverage. 
If you have Instant Mixer, that will be good, too.  Because it can process the soybean and Cook the soybean, then, you can strain the cooked soybean milk and enjoy.

As you help push the liquid through the strainer, the soybean paste remain.
This soybean paste can be used to make other dishes.
After extracting all liquid, if you have a fine sieve, pour the soy milk through to catch the rest of the fine soy or put the soy milk through a large cloth tea strainer if you have one.  Pour more clean water through to extract more soymilk. This process will filter out the rest of the fine soybean residues and make the soymilk more smoother.

You can serve sweet by adding sugar.  Some people would add a bit of soysauce or whatever they like.  Serve with typical Chinese breakfast items like fried Yeou Tiao or Sao Bien (Shaobing) - baked flatbread covered wtih sesame seeds (no picture here).

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