Monday, February 01, 2021

January Home Crab Feast for One

 January is supposed to be a great time for the Dungeoness Crab.  I bought two live crabs to try.  Any other year, before COVID-19, the fish tanks are always filled with fresh fish and crabs, etc.  This time the tank's looked murky, a bit of concern.  But what I didn't notice at the moment, but later is that the bottom tank's crabs looked lean, which means those crabs could have been in there for a long time.  The fish monger picked one crab from the top and one from the bottom.   I should have asked to pick both from the top.  Well, what happens when you open them?  Here is the photo journals.
Live Crabs were placed in a large basin filled with water with addition of salt, then each one is Thank'd and prepared.  Each one is scrubbed clean before Steaming.  I don't like to boil them alive or cook them without cleaning.  Sometimes you see plump white crab legs served, but looked off colored grey and fishy - a sign that they were just dunked into hot water before being cleaned.

After scrubbing clean, tear the top shell off by grabbing all the legs firmly and lifting the shell apart.
Remove all the Gills under running faucet.  Brush clean all around the legs and body shell.  If the family member enjoy tomalley / butter, gently rinse under running water after scrubbing shell and place in the steamer basket.  Peel and slice ginger and place on each crab pieces or in the steamer basket.

The second crab's internal did not look very healthy.  I have never seen one with charcoal dark.  This must have come of the bottom fish tank with murky water.  ZAN'NEN!

Trash.  The second crab's internal did not look healthy.  It's a trash.
Pick all the meat out of one and save to make Crab cake later.


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