Saturday, January 23, 2021

Homemade Lactose Free Yogurt

This is my first INSTANT POT dish - home yogurt.  I was contemplating over the Christmas to buy a yogurt maker.  I had one many years ago, and it was a simple incubation steamer box.  Since I found a recipe in the INSTANT POT recipe booklet, I thought I will give it a try.  I just so happened to have six of these Oui yogurt cup.  And a half a cup of Oui vanilla yogurt, non-fat Lactose Free Milk.   So I mixed 4 C of the non-fat Lactose Free Milk and yogurt.  I think I only had 1/3 C of the yogurt rather than the 1/2 C the recipe called for.  And added 1 Tbsp of sugar.
I boiled the jars to sanitize, and also boiled the milk in a separate pot.  Cool to room temperature. 
Take a 1/4 C of the milk and mix in the yogurt till dissolved.
Add the mixture to the rest of the milk.
Pour equally into jars.

Follow the Instant Pot's instruction by adding 4 C of water to the inner pot. 
Place the yogurt jars.
Close the lid  - leave the pressure valve in Release position. 
Select Keep Warm for 15 minutes and then unplug.
With Lid on, let the pressure cooker stand for 10 hours.  I let mine stand for 12 hours.
Take them out.  Cover with wrap and chilled overnight.
 Not bad.  Firm top.
Smooth texture.




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