Saturday, August 15, 2020

Is the New Nutribullet Combo Worth It?

 I saw the new Nutribullet blender combo on COSTCO's monthly ad, and I wanted to test it out. I already have a NutriBullet 900.  Sometimes, I thought of blending food the normal way by top loading.  Since the new Nutribullet Combo comes with a blender, I thought it could be very useful.

Here is the result.  The blades did not do a good job in mixing ice and food like the normal NutriBullet 900 model.  It also leaked out.  The blender container size is too large.  The Nutribullet combo's blade design is different from the NutriBullet's.   NutriBullet's effectiveness is in the blade design.  The low profile of the bottom blades assure full blending of the items at the bottom of the jar.  The Nutribullet Combo's blades are different and is not effective in cracking ice and mixing the items at the top to the bottom.  

The blender's container size is too large.  The blade is not effective and cannot be removed from the bottom for cleaning.
The blade on the left is NutriBullet 900's.  The blade on the right is Nutribullet Blender Combo's

The blender's blades are different and the new Nutribullet Blender Combo's is not efficient in bringing food from the top to the bottom to be mixed.  The motor runs fast, but it's just seems to spin with no food movement.  

Awkward motor to jar base connector design.  Should have kept them the same way as NutriBullet 900's. 
Juice splattering out and leaking out.  It's likely from overloading it says in the Instruction book, but what is the SEAL doing?

Conclusion - Returning for Refund.

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