Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saga of Fence Repair - Photo Journal

Does Home maintence come one after the other after 18 years?  Some neighbors had replaced quite a few appliances fives years ago.  I can consider myself lucky.  After my sink and garbage disposer replacement saga ...that took three months or so, two nights later on a very stormy rainy Sunday evening,  as I resting in my living room watching a show, a door knock brought a bad news.  It's my neighbor who is on their way to Florida for 10 days vacation.  He asked if I had noticed that our fence fell down.  I stood there speechless for very good seconds. My head was just blank. He told me that he had to leave for the airport and just want to tell me and gave me his phone number.  I just said, "I will figure out something.". That was that.  What a headache!!.  I just finished fixing the kitchen.  Now this!?  Shall I call a professional? I think I have too much of my dad in me.  Watching him fix motor bkies, visiting airfield and while riding in pilot's seat, watching him drive to town the aircraft... I end up checking YouTube and fixing the fence myself.  How to erect 20 feet long fence is challenging. Luckily one of the fence's breakpoint is leaning against the neighbor's house wall.  So here is my photo journal of fence fixing.

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