Tuesday, December 08, 2015

KABOCHA POTATO Soup with Tabasco Sauce

Ha!  Wonderful spicy heat to warm me up.
Preroast your favorite KABOCHA.
Dice half a onion.
Dice a peeled potato.
Make a mirepoix. 
Heat sauteuse and add 2 tsp of EVOO. 
Sauté onion for 30 seconds, then add potato and sauté for 2 min without browning onion or the potato.
Add 1 C organic chicken stock
Add 1/2 C water
Add mirepoix.
Cook to Reduce.  
Scoop 1 C of cooked KABOCHA and add to soup.
Add salt and black pepper to taste
Add to a blender to blend.
When smoothly blended put it through the sieve over a bowl.
Serve in soup bowl with sprinkles of Tabasco Sauce.

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