Friday, December 04, 2015

Fresh Chayote Salad with Pomegranate

After waiting for two years, the planted chayote fruit has finally sprouted, blossomed!! What's more surprising is that the fruits appeared in late November!!
The crazy warm mild November weather in Sacramento has prolonged the chayote plants this year and fruited.  The fruits that normally grow in warm climate area - like Mexico, are growing unexpectedly.  Just like my Lotus flower, it appeared when you least expected.   All I remembered was seeing the flower, but the temperature was dropping quite dramatically each evening in November.  I was sure that the plant would die.  The fruits grew quickly, escaping my notice, from flower to croppable hand size.   I didn't know what to do with it when I saw them.   I was amused with the way they were growing in my yard.  I have never tasted it before.   A week before, not seeing any chayote fruits growing and seeing the evening temperature has been coming down quite low, I purchased chayote from a grocery store -- still not knowing what or how to prepare it.  They were just sitting in refrigerator.  After seeing my chayote growing in the garden, I decided to prepare one of them.  I got enough information from the Internet to prepare it into salad.   And it turned out delicious with just some vinaigrette dressing.
This is my home grown pomegranate from my own yard.   It is a fast growing plant from seeds to fruiting in one summer or was it two years.  It doesn't matter.  It fruited three.
 Surprise!  No seeds in the young ones.  The texture is like an apple and crisp pear.

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