Friday, February 21, 2014

Polly's Easy Morning Crepes filled with Banana

I got so tired of just watching some of the beautiful crepes filled with heavenly fluffy whip cream, and it's time for action to make my own.   I was concerned with overly feeding myself with heavy whip cream... to stay on low calories, I skipped the heavy cream.

Hand beat 2 large Organic eggs in a bowl.
1/2 C of whole milk
Add 1 tsp of Pure Vanilla Extract
pinch of salt
1/4 C of All Purpose Flour to start - Non-bromated, unbleached.  Keep1/3 C extra flour shifted and set aside - just in case the mixture is watery and you need add more.   
6 TB of butter
1 to 2 large banana
Fruit preserves of your choice

After beating the eggs in a bowl, add vanilla; then a pinch of salt.
Add the flour like this>>> Shift the flour again over the egg mixture with one hand and mixing the flour in with the other hand.
Make sure there is no large chunks of unmixed flour.

The texture is thin, but not watery.  If it is watery, shift some more flour in - just enough until the texture of custard that coats the back of the spoon is achieved.

Heat the flat pan.   Medium low.   Add 2 TB of butter.
Pour the crepe mixture from Outer Circle, then, ending in center with a ladle..... if this doesn't work out for you, just pour it in center of the pan.
The batter on the pan is very thin.
Let it brown - 6 min at medium low to low heat.
Loosen the edge as it gets brown.
Insert a long spatula and flip it over.   Let it brown for 6 min >> this all depends on your gas stove's BTU.  So do a visual checking.
Transfer to a plate.
Slice banana.
Sprinkle crepe with powder sugar.
Arrange banana on crepe.
Roll the crepe.
Sprinkle more powder sugar before serving.
Add fruits preserve, if desired.
Bon Appetite!



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