Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TSON YEOU BIEN Testing #2 - Chinese Green Onion Pancake

So, is it the kneading time or the resting time or the hot water that makes the Green Onion Pancake better.
Or skipping the shortening in the dough mixture?

This TSON YEOU BIEN #2 is made without shortening and hot boiling water.   
Kneaded for 10 min.  Repeated 3 times after resting for 10 minutes between.
Sesame oil in each folding, sprinkled with salt.  Then a handful of chopped green onions are folded in.  Fried with lid on for 6 minutes for each side.  Medium low heat.  Then, turn it over and fry it for 6 minutes without the lid.
Did it help?  well.... it tasted great just the same, but I don't think this is it.

 About 14 fresh skinny tender green onions.  Washed and trimmed to 8 inches.  Chop to make 1 Cup.

 Mix One Cup flour, 6 Tablespoon of hot boiling water in a bowl.  Transfer to a Food processor with Knead blade.   Pulse about 10 times.  Add more flour or water if kneaded to make a soft dough - about your ear lobe soft.
Take it out and form into a ball.  Place in a bowl.  Cover and rest for 10 minutes.
 Take the dough out onto a work surface.  No flouring on the surface needed.  
Gently Fold the dough over ... about 4 times with gentle knead and fold motion.  See the change in the texture changing to a smooth dough.   Cover and rest again for 10 minutes.
 Roll out the dough after the 2nd rest.   1/4 inch thick.   Spread sesame oil generously with pastry brush.
 Sprinkle some salt and rub all around.
 Sprinkle a handful of chopped green onion.
 Roll and Fold.
 Cover and rest for 10 minutes.
 Flatten with the palm of your hand.
 Roll it out.

 Fry in 3 TB of vegetable oil - Medium low heat and cover with lid.
 Fry for about 6 minutes - depending on the BTU of your gas range stove top.
 Remove the lid. 
 Turn it over.   Fry without lid for another 6 minutes.  Dough should not look translucent at this point.  It should be browned and no opaque dough is visible.  Fry longer, if the dough look translucent here and there.
 Slice and serve.
The pancake turned out crispy outside and very tasty, but I didn't care of the 'soft' pillow like center.  I like mine in layers.   
More testing needs to be done.

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