Friday, February 21, 2014

CHERIMOYA - Tropical Fruits Wonder

This is Cherimoya.   It is also known as soursop, ... I think.   I call it MAANG GAO.... somthing like that.  Anyone who lived in Viet-Nam or in warm climate countries know this wonderful tangy sweet fruits.  Here in California, this particular Organic Cherimoya is priced at $7.99/lb.   This one costed me $8.95.     Many of my friends have never heard of it or have seen it at the local market but never ever bought one because they don't know what it is, and it is sooo expensive compared to other tropical fruits.   So, here is a demonstration of what it is.

How to eat it:
When I bought it, it was rock hard.
I placed it in a brown paper bag for 3 days.   Checking it every day.  By 4th evening, it was ready - soft to touch.... like avocado would be.  But don't let it sat till it is mush soft - yak!  it will taste fermented.... unless that is your intention.    Wash the exterior gently with water and salt or fruit cleanser, if you have one.
Pull open the fruits or use a knife to slice it open.
It is filled with sweet tangy nodules with black seed.
I just scoop it out and ate it.
Saved all the seeds to test planting.   Left the seeds in shallow dish with some water.   Some of them already has a tail/root growing.  After two weeks in the kitchen and since our weather here in Sacramento is so crazily dry, I transferred them into a pot of soil in a hot house in my garden.  Hope they will sprout wonderfully and be able to replace the other one that got frost bitten after 9 years of care.   All my fault.  :-(

After removing seeds, you can make a great tasting Cherimoya smoothies.

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