Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Polly's Sufganiyot - Hanukka Jelly Filled Donuts Adventure

Do you ever come across a recipe that haunts you?  the recipe that you want to master?  or wonder why it turns out this or that way, and you want to find the correct ingredient portions to make the food turn out perfectly?  You search and you ask and you listen, and you try... and here is a winner recipe I found for making Sufganiyot.   I've tried one that was listed in the Sunset magazine before.  I am not sure because I used my commercial mixer to knead the dough that added to the difference in the result or it is a result of right combination of ingredients, but the Sufganiyot turned out very good for me.  I acquired this recipe while doing the search for the PONCHIK recipe.  Yep, I already have a very good recipe from the mypersiankitchen.com blogger's site that I am keeping, but there got to be some other perfect PONCHIK recipes out there in the Internet, right?  This time, I used the different wordings in the search engine, I tried "International Ponchik" recipes.   Wow! what a difference an additional word made.  It gave me several links to the PONCHIK recipes.  Of all the ones I found, I still think the recipe from mypersiankitchen.com gave the best result, however.   Before I start trying each new Ponchik recipe found, I decided to try the recipe for the Sufganiyot.  I couldn't do it on the Thanksgiving Day, nor do I want to miss the excitement or wait another 700 years for the Thanksgivings Day and Hanukkah falling on the same day, I made it on the week after I returned from the holiday.  It turned out great.

It only took the commercial mixer to knead the dough to a perfect texture in 8 min.
 Use biscuit cutter to cut into disc shape.
Try a few different sizes.   Cover and rest for about 30 min.
 Heat vegetable oil to 385'F
 Don't forget to Wobble the dough in the frying oil with spoon to help expand.
40 sec each side.
Cool on rack.
Fill with Jelly and or sprinkle with powder sugar.

 Yum!!  great texture and taste.
This wonderful Sufganiyot's recipe was found at

Please stop by there to obtain the recipe.


  1. These are gorgeous! So glad you showed the how-to pictures. So many of our readers have asked for them.

    1. Thank you, David. Some foodies would pre-fill them with Jelly before frying them. I like to fill them after I fry them to keep the delicious jellies from woozing out into the frying oil :-)


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