Saturday, December 07, 2013

Autum Visit to the Apple Hill, California

I visited Apple Hill back in November.  Days go by so quick that I can't quite keep up with the interesting postings that I want to share.   This is my second visit to the Apple Hills; however, I did not find "anything" of the advertised activities going on when I tried it last year.  But this year, I was lucky,   Families - by car or by bus loads arrived at the Apple Hills to enjoy the day.   I find Apple Donuts and Apple this and that all very interesting.  Here is my photo journal of my visit.
 What to expect, if you go?   Long lines to buy anything.  So, decide what you want to taste and do it before you get too hungry or too tired.  And have a plan how to transfer all the food from the purchasing window to the Full House Picnic area, if you are the only one in the line to buy food for the family.   They do serve food over the tray.   And people are very kind and willing to share the table, if you ask.

 I ordered the Spicy Text Chili over Chips..... How was it?  I think it needs more kicks.  Or remove the word "Spicy" from the menu. 
I also ordered BBQ chicken dinner combo.  The BBQ chicken was really good.   Apple Salad was very tasty. 
Looks like I don't have the pictures of the Apple Fritters and dozen assorted Apple Donuts, but I say the Apple Fritters were good -- I was expecting a bit more chunks of Apples, however..  As for the assorted "Apple Donuts", I give it a B-.   Likely because I thought may be there is a slice of apple wedged between the dough and fried or apples are hidden inside... but "no".   Maybe the dough was mixed with Apple juice? thus Apple donuts?   I will go with Apple Fritters only, the next time.   
I watched families fishing in the pond and fun with face painting, and I took a hay ride.  It was a nice balmy weather with beautiful hills of apples and grapes and laughter of children everywhere.  I had fun.

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