Saturday, December 07, 2013

Chinese New Year Cake filled with Red Dates and Taro in November

Chinese New Year Cake in November?  Well, I just couldn't get over the good taste of it since I last made.  Beside, I had those home made Taro fillings saved in the freezer that I want to use.   It is so easy to make, and they are great for anytime snack.
Check the Ingredients and methods under previous posting of the Chinese New Year Cake.
Mix sweet rice powder - glutinous rice powder with water.  Then filled the greased cake pan or heat proof pan that can take the steam.
 Home made Taro Pastes formed into ball and saved in Freezer.  Just take them out of the freezer and place on top of the mixed sweet rice.

 Red Dates >>> JuJube dates
Fill the top of Taro and Dates more mixtures.    
Tip:  You see the greased was paper lining the cake mold.   Do not do that.   The best cake mold is the Non-stick spring release cake mold.   *Wax paper will get stuck to the cake when done.   Just cut around it to remove the wax paper, if you did not remove it right after the cake was taken out of the steamer.
 Place in steamer basket and steam for 2+ hours.

 See the difference in the original height and when the cake is fully steamed.  The color is also translucent.

 If you have time, remove the cake out of the mold and try to remove the wax paper.  If it is stuck, then, might as well wait till it is fully cooled.   Slice off the wax paper before heating.  
If you are going to eat it after an hour while it is still warm, moisten the knife before cutting.

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