Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SF Restaurant Adventure -Washington Bakery & Restaurant - Wonton MIEN

There is a bakery right above the Portsmouth Square parking garage.  Inside it is a restaurant.  It is one of mine and my father's favorite Wonton Mien joint.  http://www.washingtonbakerysf.com/en/index.htm   I had a chance to revisit it again.  Since it was getting closer to the Chinese New Year, a few places were selling the New Year Cake, too.
But as far as the true New Year celebration gala goes, I think I had more fun in Cholon, South Viet-Nam.  Red carpet fire crackers, acrobatic dancing lions everywhere dancing to the music of cymbals and drum beats, people greeting, and red money packets were everywhere as you turn to give New Year wish wells. Many many street vendors, selling their specialty snacks - yes, wonton noodle and street food are considered snacks or like dim-sum, unless you had your rice, my father use to say.   And all these went on with the war going on around them.  The coexistence of peace and war - that's a different story for a different blog.   However,  I enjoyed every bit of the wonton noodle and soup at this Washington Bakery & Restaurant.  733 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108.  You all must have your own favorite place, but this is it for me.
 Chinese New Year cake.  Wait till I try my hands on it!  (I did, and they turned out great.  I will post it a bit later.)

 Ahhh... the street car that I have not yet ventured onto!!!   One of this days....

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