Monday, February 11, 2013

My Tartine Baguette 1 Testing

I really enjoyed making this Baguette from the Tartine Breads.  The book included many detailed steps and tips and techniques and full detail illustrations that I always wondered about.   As some of the 'turns' of the dough and folding of the dough - when described with words could get quite confusing if it is the first time you are trying to follow the steps.  I highly recommend this bread baking book - Tartine Breads. 

I did not have time to make the bread the 2nd day after making the poolish, nor did I really have the Starter in my kitchen.  So I just let the poolish stayed in a covered container and placed it in garage for 3 days until I have a quiet time to get to it.  It worked out quite well!

The dough turn out smooth and with good tension.

Time for the 2nd proofing. 

I didn't know how it would be with Rice Flour instead of the corn meal, but it was amazing!  the dough slide off the peel so nice and smoothly!   and no gritty cornmeal under the baked bread.
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