Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SF Restaurant Adventure - ASHA

ASHA is one of the Thai restaurant that is very close to the SF Museum of Modern Arts in 3rd Street.  I would not have stepped in by myself, but with a group of friends who are restaurant foodies, I didn't mind tagging along.  Wow! the food were presented attractively and in a fair portion size.  Services are great.  I didn't have my Canon camera, so, I did my bests with my iPhone in a dim lit seating area.
What I really enjoyed the most and appreciated was the actual contrast in each dish's taste and ingredients used.  I have been to Thai restaurant where the vegetable ingredients in the fish dish is exactly the same one in the 'vegetarian' dish - how boring is that and a waste of our time.   I would like to visit ASHA again some day.

We were so full, it was difficult to stroll back to the hotel.

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